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Arcángel Maggio is a strongly committed Company to the education, the values, and the good practice. That’s why since 2009 our company offers the Módulo Gráfico Program, which is a training course about Offset graphic production aimed to the students of Graphic technology, Graphic Design, Advertising, Social Communication, Graphic production, Marketing and all kind of subjects that provide knowledge about working to produce pieces for the Graphics industry.

With this vision, inspired by our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability, we created this program that has already been taken by more than 14,000 students from the country’s main universities.

For those of us who take part in this company, it is essential to disseminate the characteristics and scope of our industry in the educational community, providing our know-how so that future professionals have greater knowledge and can apply the best practices when projecting their products and having to relate to graphic activity.

«We are passionate about what we do and even more about sharing it», Sebastián Maggio.

The feature that distinguishes us is the quality of each item that leaves our production plant and the experience serving our customers. This is what turned us into one of the leading companies in our country and makes the most important companies entrust us the production of their most important works daily.

Universities in which we teach the course

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