Why is Offset printing better?

In Arcángel Maggio we are specialists in offset printing technology.

Offset is a method of reproducing documents and images on different media. It consists of applying ink, usually oily, on a metal plate, which most often consists of an aluminum alloy.

This system has several advantages. Among them, we can highlight the possibility of achieving a consistent high-quality image, clearer and more defined than with other printing systems. It can also be used on a large number of surfaces apart from cellulosic supports with different surface finishings and is suitable for complementary operations.

Other reasons that make the difference in terms of this technology are that the sheets (plate or matrix) are quickly and easily produced and its duration is longer than in direct lithography printing because there is no direct contact between the template and the contact surface.

Lastly, the Offset system offers a lower price than any other system in large production runs.

Our thechnology

Technology Pre-Printing


In addition, we offer presentation of compliance online to our clients. To do this, we use Kodak InSite technology to allow our customers to access quickly and securely for remote approval of originals.

Technology Rotary Offset

Rotary Offset

Our rotary machine Heidelberg M-600 offers the possibility of printing 4 colors front and back simultaneously to 40,000 sheets per hour. Thus, we can offer the production of big works at short notice.

Flat Offset

We have the first Heidelberg XL-106 8-color plus varnish with paper-to-roll input (CutStar) in South America and five flat Heidelberg printers with in-line varnish towers.

Our technology allows us to work equally with low, medium and high runs.

Technology Books division of Arcángel Maggio

Book Division

Our one-color book printer has the capacity to produce «trade» and «pocket» formats at the highest market speed.

Technology Hotmelt / Pur


We have the latest generation of hot melt / Pur square loin binder with a capacity to produce 7,000 books per hour.